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The Sacred Trees in the Garden of Eden

Since my book about the Adam and Eve story, The Mythology of Eden, is just coming out, I’ll devote some of my posts over the ensuing weeks and months to intriguing questions arising from that story. I’ll start here with … Continue reading

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What is Mythic Travel?

We can enjoy many kinds of travel beyond the usual beach vacation, cruise, or European city jaunt. We have eco-travel, ancestry travel, photo safaris, trekking, adventure travel, and many other flavors. But I want to put in a plug for … Continue reading

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Why Myths Matter

Myths are fabulous stories, but too many people consider them simply falsehoods or lies, and therefore disregard them. In a sense myths are lies, but they are lies that tell important truths—truths about ourselves, human nature, our societies, and our … Continue reading

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Blogging My Bliss

This is my first blog post, so I should welcome my readers by saying why I’m here. I’m creating my blog as a space to which I can return from my mythic journeys—whether spiritual, psychic, real travel, writing, reading, or … Continue reading

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