My New Book, “The Mythology of America’s Seasonal Holidays,” Has Just Been Published

Hey everyone, my new book, The Mythology of America’s Seasonal Holidays, has just been published in paperback and ebook editions. It traces how myths lie at the base of our seasonal holidays, shows how knowing the myths enables us to celebrate our holidays more meaningfully, and how in turn this can enrich our lives.

Final Front Cover

It is available on the website of my publisher Palgrave Macmillan and also at the online sellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Hope you enjoy it. If you have questions, just ask. Some reviews are below:

“Arthur George’s The Mythology of America’s Seasonal Holidays offers an impressively-researched and scholarly-yet-accessible study that details the historical, cultural, and mythological underpinnings of our most celebrated American holidays. George offers to both the interested scholar and general public a ‘hermeneutic key’ that opens one up to the mytho-poetic and symbolic dimensions of numerous traditional celebrations. In doing so, he offers his readers the gift of a deeper, more meaningful engagement – with both our seasonal rituals and our daily lives”
David M. Odorisio, Associate Core Faculty, Mythological Studies, and Director, the Retreat, Pacifica Graduate Institute, USA

“Arthur George sifts through a mountain of evidence about ancient and modern myths and rituals, paying attention to both the forest and the trees. The result, meticulously researched and lucidly explained, is a treasure trove of fascinating historical, mythological, and psychological insights into the often obscure religious backgrounds of American holidays and Christian holy days.”
Robert J. Miller, Rosenberger Professor of Religious Studies and Christian Thought, Juniata College, USA

“A penetrating adventure to the heart of Western sacred history! Arthur George provides a spellbinding myth-critical gaze into the cultural underpinnings of our common calendric cycle, how and why such curious holiday traditions survive and transform through the ages, now ordering our contemporary lives.”
Richard C. Miller, Author of Resurrection and Reception in Early Christianity (2015)​

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8 Responses to My New Book, “The Mythology of America’s Seasonal Holidays,” Has Just Been Published

  1. jeanraffa says:

    Congratulations and well done! I look forward to enjoying it!

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  2. It will be interesting for me to read. Thanks! Inspiration for you!

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  3. Geri Lawhon says:

    Sounds very interesting, I will have to check it out.


  4. Henry Galganowicz says:

    Arthur, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your treatment of Christmas in this book. I’m a retired Episcopal parish priest, and I tried to do some similar work when I was still active as education around the Advent-Christmas-Epiphany liturgical cycle. I’m pleased that you have corroborated much of what I had compiled on a much smaller scale. I’ve only read portions of this book because I’m working on finishing ‘The Mythology of Eden.’ I’ll write you about that when I do.
    For now, thank you for your thoroughness and for opening up what has normally been taught as closed literal systems.

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    • Thanks, Henry, I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it, and also that you are reading my Eden book. I look forward to any further comments or questions that you have. Also, I now have a new book just out, The Mythology of Wine, which among other things covers wine and vineyards in the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, so you might like that. And it is a much shorter and less technical book!


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