My Wine Mythology Book Has Just Been Published

Hey readers, my newest book, The Mythology of Wine, has just been published! It details the wine-related myths in ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Canaan, and Israel, as well as in early Christian Europe, showing how these stories ultimately affected today’s wine culture and our religions and culture at large. It is fun, not long or technical, easy to read, has lots of illustrations (in color in the ebook), and is not expensive (ebook $9.99, paperback $14.99). Here’s the Amazon listing:

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6 Responses to My Wine Mythology Book Has Just Been Published

  1. eddodge27 says:

    Congratulations, looks like a good book!

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  2. Just ordered Mythology of Wine – a great Christmas gift to myself!

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  3. Thanks! Hope you enjoy it!


  4. Dr B says:

    Hello Arthur, just discovered your book via this blog post, ordered the paperback version too and really look forward to reading it. Wine has been a hobby of mine for 50 years since university days, with my whole family’s interest deepened via holidays in France, Spain and Italy. For the last 10 years or so we placed wine at the centre of destination choice such as Burgundy, but then spent the vacation engrossed in the history, art, food, customs etc of the destination. It prompted me to write a book too, It’s Not About The Wine last year to while away the days during lockdown. I don’t think I have another book in me, but I’m currently dabbling in a series of blog posts related to Culture and Wine, which is a long winded way of saying that this is how I found your own blog article and your book! Anyway, I really look forward to reading it, and will recommend it to a friend of mine in Italy who is currently creating a Wine Culture Association in Campania. Her website is if it interests you, but I know she will be VERY interested in your book. 👍🍷

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    • Thanks, Brian, for your interest and kind words. I hope you will enjoy the book. You are welcome to write a book review about it on your blog (which I checked), if you like. I also checked Danell’s blog, and I agree that the book seems to be right up her alley. I found you on Facebook too, and sent a friend request.

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      • Dr B says:

        Hi Arthur, thanks for your reply. Your book is arriving today, I mostly buy Kindle books except books which are wine related when I buy print instead. Thanks for the friend request on Facebook, I’m not a big user of Facebook, I tend to use it just as an add on to my Instagram account and for a couple of ex staff and family friends in Kathmandu.

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