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The Mythology of Wine II: Ancient Canaan and Old Testament Israel

Ancient Canaan, much of which became biblical Israel, had the best conditions in the ancient Near East for producing wine.  The cool winters in the highlands put the vines into true dormancy, allowing them to develop better grapes during the growing season, … Continue reading

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My Lecture at Theosophical Society on Esoteric Christianity and the Garden of Eden Story Now Available on YouTube and the Society’s Website

The video of my October 29 lecture at the Theosophical Society in America about Esoteric Christianity and the Garden of Eden Story (including my PowerPoint slides) is now up on YouTube, as well as on the Society’s Website. It is … Continue reading

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Mythology’s Rightful Place in Biblical Criticism

While watching the address of Pope Francis to our lawmakers in Congress yesterday, I was impressed by how deftly he invoked the figure of Moses to point out that, as a lawgiver at the earthly level he brought justice to … Continue reading

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Speaking in Milwaukee September 27th

I’ll be speaking at the Mythinformation Conference in Milwaukee on Sunday, September 27th, giving a talk entitled “What Really Happened in Eden”? based on my recent book about the subject, The Mythology of Eden. Most of us realize that the … Continue reading

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Creative Mythology: Another Conversation with Willi Paul

I just completed another interesting conversation in PlanetShifter Magazine with mythologist Willi Paul. This time we interviewed each other on the topic of what Creative Mythology means in the mythology community today. Our cross interview is below; if you want … Continue reading

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The Mythical Serpent in the Garden of Eden

The serpent in the Garden of Eden is one of the most intriguing figures in world mythology. Serpent symbolism in general is probably the most complex, seemingly inconsistent, and fascinating mythological symbolism around. The reasons have to do with the … Continue reading

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The Sacred Trees in the Garden of Eden

Since my book about the Adam and Eve story, The Mythology of Eden, is just coming out, I’ll devote some of my posts over the ensuing weeks and months to intriguing questions arising from that story. I’ll start here with … Continue reading

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