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Gnosticism and Modern Spirituality: A Mythological and Depth Psychological Approach

Gnosticism has enjoyed a certain romantic vogue in our culture as a road to spirituality ever since the publication of the Nag Hammadi codices, and even more so since the publication of Carl Jung’s Red Book, which includes his “Seven … Continue reading

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Christ’s Resurrection and our Redemption: A Mytho-Psychological View of Easter

In the last of my Easter posts from last year about the mythological aspects of the holiday, I focused on the meaning of Christ’s resurrection in mytho-psychological terms and what this means for our own spirituality, concluding that our resurrection … Continue reading

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Jung in the Garden of Eden

My readers may be interested in my article that just came out in the scholarly depth psychology periodical DepthInsights.  It is entitled Jung in the Garden of Eden: A Myth of the Transformation of Consciousness (click here to see it).  In … Continue reading

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