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Mythic Travel: Malta’s Neolithic Sacred Temples

The Mediterranean island of Malta has always fascinated me because of its long and variegated history: Neolithic ruins; it being the island where (according to tradition) St. Paul shipwrecked on the way to Rome (Acts 27:41-28:10); cultural influences from Phoenician, … Continue reading

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What is Mythic Travel?

We can enjoy many kinds of travel beyond the usual beach vacation, cruise, or European city jaunt. We have eco-travel, ancestry travel, photo safaris, trekking, adventure travel, and many other flavors. But I want to put in a plug for … Continue reading

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Why Myths Matter

Myths are fabulous stories, but too many people consider them simply falsehoods or lies, and therefore disregard them. In a sense myths are lies, but they are lies that tell important truths—truths about ourselves, human nature, our societies, and our … Continue reading

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