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The Mythology of May Day II: The Bonfire Rituals of May Day Eve

This post continues my discussion of the mythology of May Day, along a less familiar tangent. We’ve all heard of Maypoles, but what about May Day bonfires? Traditionally, in most countries of northern Europe the May Day bonfire ritual was … Continue reading

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Mythic Travel: Malta’s Neolithic Sacred Temples

The Mediterranean island of Malta has always fascinated me because of its long and variegated history: Neolithic ruins; it being the island where (according to tradition) St. Paul shipwrecked on the way to Rome (Acts 27:41-28:10); cultural influences from Phoenician, … Continue reading

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Mythic Travel at Ancient Israel’s High Places – Tel Dan

In ancient Syria-Palestine both before and after the emergence of Israel, religious worship and rituals occurred at outdoor sanctuaries at elevated places near villages, which brought people closer to heaven and to their deities. In English translations of the Hebrew … Continue reading

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What is Mythic Travel?

We can enjoy many kinds of travel beyond the usual beach vacation, cruise, or European city jaunt. We have eco-travel, ancestry travel, photo safaris, trekking, adventure travel, and many other flavors. But I want to put in a plug for … Continue reading

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